Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges Day 2 – 9.22.21

I was in a creative funk. Which is a big deal because well I am a “creative!” Recently I found myself fighting to overcome the challenge of getting bored with my own content, the worst part was that I was feeling uninspired to create something better. Woah is me! Just Kidding, but for real have you ever been in that spot? I stayed in this spot for longer than I want to admit. (But since we are friends I will tell you, it was about 4 months.)

In the middle of not feeling like my stuff was cool enough, and feeling totally uninspired, you know what happened? Nothing! No big epiphany! No big pep talk! No big scenery change. Nothing! 

So what did I do?

So how did I overcome this challenge and get out of this funk you ask? I just kept moving forward. And not bravely, and with any type of gusto just slowly and methodically like one does when they are NOT living their best life. For four months I pressed on, partly because it is my job, but also because I know success isn’t a straight line. Some days even things you love to do are easy, and sometimes things feel hard and you second guess every move. 

success not a straight line

Overcoming Challenges

But you know what eventually happened to make me inspired and dare I say even motivated again? Time. I love the scripture that says, “Trouble doesn’t last always.” Trouble definitely feels like always while you are going through it. But time mixed with perseverance is a dangerous recipe for overcoming challenges.

And now here I sit typing away on day 2 of a three -hundred and sixty-five day writing challenge! And yes, I might even call myself giddy with the energy, I am so glad I persevered. I hope you will too next time you are in creative funk.

success is not what you see

There is no way to know how long this surge of energy will last, but what I do know is that my success on this journey will not be determined by how I feel. Instead on the decisions I will continue to make to plow forward. 

You can do it too

I’m going to wrap this up by leaving you with a friendly reminder to persevere! Even when your feet feel heavy, and the wind in your sails feels more like a puff. Don’t forget every creative person feels Iike our stuff isn’t good enough. At least sometimes. 

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